Ragona Sisters

Smallest Home in Toronto

128 Day Avenue, Toronto Ontario

This is on record of being one of the smallest houses in Toronto.  The house is also known as “The Little House .”

The Dimensions of the house is 2.2 m wide and 14.3 m long. This small lot was conceived as a future laneway for the neighboring home.  It was not used for this purpose because the city never cut the curb to allow for vehicle passage. Therefore in 1912, Mr. Weeden built a home on the small lot. Mr. Weeden lived in this home with his wife for 26 years before he sold it

The house has been sold quite a few times. One last sale came in 2010 when it was on the market for $180,000 for the smallest home in the city which was well below the $400,000 average resale price for  property for that time in the city.

The main floor of the bungalow features a living room, kitchen, and the sleeping area with a small bed area. The hutch in the kitchen leads down to a small basement.

The publicity surrounding the property reached its height when talk show host Ellen DeGeneres featured the property on her show.

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